Equestrians and other competitors are often their own worst enemies when it comes to succeeding. There is a mental game going on in the background which often is not conscious. In the sessions I will teach you awareness about your game, how it works and how you can overcome it.

You will benefit from this work if you want to

  • Become a more successful competitor
  • Find flow as you compete
  • Master the mental game in competition
  • Overcome self-doubt
  • Understand your personal success factors
  • Find harmony in competition
  • Reduce stress in competition

I competed for my native country Sweden in the 2010 World Equestrian Games in the extreme sport of endurance riding – 100 miles on horseback. In the preparations, qualifications and during the world championships I used a number of techniques that I will pass on to other equestrians and sports competitors.

I have always been interested in sports and competition and have apart from competing in endurance at international level, also run long distance terrain races, skied from a very early age, as well as played floor ball at national level.

The techniques I use is a combination of the Inner Game theories in which I am trained, the Mind Body Method as taught by my trainer Kathy Pike, positive imaging, sports psychology and my experience as a life coach.  

I do this work with and without horses. The horses can however help riders as well as non-riders as a lot of the work does not include actual riding.