My services are created with the following clients in mind:

  • Corporations wanting their leaders to excel, place value on leadership based in grounded and authentic managers and with forward thinking
  • People who want personal growth and coaching in a different setting
  • People who compete equestrian or sports who want add another dimension
  • Horse owners and horse people who want to deepen their relationship with horses

COREMAP Personality Inventory for Leadership Development or Personal Development

The COREMAP personality inventory is an excellent tool for developing leaders, employees and individuals. To take COREMAP, click on the compass symbol. 

Click for a corporate brochure CorpCeciliaCore.pdf

For individuals it provides:

  • clarity 
  • understanding of authentic self
  • understanding strengths
  • understanding blocks 
  • gives guidance of next steps
  • suggestions of career direction

The COREMAP can be included as part of all my services and workshops. A singel facilitation - without the horses - is $295.