"Cecilia delivers a wealth of knowledge, sensitivity, and insight through her approach to professional coaching. Not only is she a distinctive coaching presence, she is one of the most mindful practitioners of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning I've met in the industry. 

She's a brilliant talent with an acute, global perspective that will deliver remarkable value to every engagement. She is truly authentic in her intention and if you're looking for a highly educated professional coach, that has a wealth of real world experience combined with a remarkably deft touch, Cecilia should be at the top of your list!" 

Terry Murray
Managing Partner, Performance Transformation, LLC


"I really appreciated Cecilia's flexibility and professionalism in altering her "Mom, Me & a Horse" program for me and my twelve year old granddaughter. We had a wonderful experience. All the way home in the car, my granddaughter talked on and on (not a usual behavior) about how much she enjoyed being with Cecilia, in particular, and with her horse, R Tse. She really liked brushing the horse and especially walking her. She says she very much looks forward to enjoying another experience as a gift for her next birthday. Cecilia and her horse were definitely a huge hit! 

My granddaughter was very proud of herself for how comfortable she became and I credit Cecilia's sensitivity and experience with both horses and humans for this. Cecilia's patience and care with my granddaughter produced powerful results in a short time. At every step along the way she was very helpful, e.g., in how she talked about being with the horse before we were, talked about the importance of being aware of your own emotions as well as the horse's, and lot of great advice and demonstrations about safety and respect for oneself and the horse. 

I really like how Cecilia never left my granddaughter's side and was always just an arms length away to assist if needed. And for myself, I greatly enjoyed the whole experience, too. It was inspiring seeing my granddaughter ask so many questions, as this is very uncharacteristic for her to talk so much. I think in these few hours she has grown in important ways in her confidence, more than I expected or thought possible. I so enjoyed hearing Cecilia's insights about the sensitivity that horses and humans can and must have with each other. It is a good lesson humans could learn with each other as well. I look forward to our next visit." 
Dr Rob Pennington
Educational Psychologist, Management Coach, Professional Speaker, Author 


“As President of my company, What's Next?! Life and Leadership Coaching, I wanted to work with Cecilia to diagnose (i.e. take a close look at) an uneasiness I had around my business at the time. This uneasiness was filtering into my personal life as well. I had worked with Cecilia before with Core Map Assessment and she was an excellent coach and I had excellent results. So I tapped Power of 2 Coaching to work with me. Besides, I thought working with the horses would be interesting and unique. This stuff is right up my ally. Not only was the work interesting, it was powerful. Powerful. In one exercise I was to move around the arena as leader with the horse. I think I am a great leader. Well, that horse showed me that I was scattered and not focused! Wow! Now how can someone follow an unfocused leader - that's not easy folks. No wonder I was challenged in my business at the time. I was not clear and focused! That wasn't the only thing I learned about myself that day. But I came away with alot of insight into myself, my business and my leadership skills. I would highly recommend working with Cecilia and her highly dedicated team. Good stuff!” 
Darla Powell Phillips
Life and leadership coach
What's Next?! Life and Leadership Coaching 

Comments from participants at ASTD Houston 2011 Conference break out session "How horses can help develop exceptional leaders and emotional intelligence"
- 95% said they gained at least 1 tangible idea to implement in the next 30 days. 
- Different/unique concept. Loved the session. Can definitely be used for leadership development workshops.
- Wonderful presentation. So glad to have this as an "out of the box" but related presentation
- Awesome concept!- Great session
- Excellent!!  Application to Leadership!!
- Wonderful presentation, very interesting topic!
- Good, engaging session!  Different and interesting perspective
- Great speaker! An asset to today's learning

After moving to Texas from NY in 2007, I have been hearing about the powerful ways and which horses can assist people on their life journey.  I know when something comes to me two or more times in my life to pay special attention to an opportunity.  After meeting with Cecilia,  I felt a special connection to her.  When she mentioned she did equine coaching, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to take a good look at what I can learn from my experience with her and horses.  I have been allergic to horses all my life but this did not stop me (a dose of allergy medication would do the trick, I hoped).  My experience with Cecilia was wonderful, she showed great compassion and explained the coaching process very well.  I was slightly nervous about what to expect yet Cecilia made the experience comfortable and fun.  I knew in my heart the experience with the horses would be powerful and it was just that plus MUCH more.  I have always had difficulty with experiencing closeness in relationships, I never knew how this affected me so much in life.  I desired closeness but my energy at times would push people away.  Through working with one particular horse - Setareh Banoo, I experienced and saw how I can change that pattern.  The horse showed me about myself and showed me how to get the closeness I desired from my relationships.  When I first met this horse, she wanted nothing to do with me.  I was scared of her and she even turned from me.  Later, in working with her, I created a close bond, she actually wanted me near her.  I see how this coaching experience  is a representation of my relationship with others.  When I am fearful and scared, what I want becomes further from me.  When I am loving and fun, I receive more love and joy.   The coaching experience was FABULOUS. Cecilia is patient, understanding and very educated about equine coaching.  This was a wonderful sensory experience that will be with me for the rest of my life.  I am truly grateful for Cecilia, Setareh Banoo and my openness to new experiences.  I am also grateful for no allergy attack.  Thank you so much for the opportunity.  
Coach and coach trainer


Cecilia is a amazing coach. I have had the privilege of taking some continuing education courses with her. During a week long course I found myself struggling with some frustration around some emotional trauma from my childhood. Cecilia guided me through this very confusing topic with such gentleness and compassion. I felt very safe and supported while I explored my emotions. Her skill with horses and people are amazing and I highly recommend taking a course with her if you have the opportunity!!!
Cindy Hartzell
Equine Intuitive Experiential Learning Coach 

“Cecilia is a wonderful coach. Her equine facilitated coaching brought great results after just one session. Cecilia is intuitive, caring and very professional. I highly recommend her work.” 
Coach and trainer 


 My experience at the ASTD Houston lunch-n-learn with Cecilia Engquist was enlightening.  Her topic of using horses to build leadership skills provoked me to perform an assessment of my interaction with staff; and the importance of examining emotions, non-verbal communication and overall intention.

Thecia Jenkins, Advocacy & Education Director
The Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Inc.